Monday, 13 February 2017

PeeWee and the Babies

Where I live we have some babies in the family. I don't mind them as they are generally well behaved and sleep a lot. One of the babies went on an outing today and I was told I could go too.

                                                               Here we are all ready...

Three babies live at the house we were visiting. Here they are...

I'm watching over Munro as he sleeps. He's really quite cute 💙

Soon the babies where wanting lunch and all four got a bit loud. 
Decided to go and play some games on my laptop. 
Babies are sometimes hard work!!!


  1. Oh my gosh, are these real babies or dolls?? The first photo and the 3rd and 4th look so real!

    1. They are dolls but yes, ultra realistic x

    2. Wow, amazing...especially the one that is sleeping. I almost want one so I can pretend I have a baby again, lol. :) I can see these dolls being very therapeutic for someone who loves babies!