Friday, 10 February 2017

PeeWee Goes To Work...

PeeWee decided to join me at work today. Even though it was cold, I think he enjoyed himself 😁

The first thing he did was spend some time chatting with Sasha...

Then he had an idea...

This gravy boat makes a great ship! Ahoy there mates!!!

I'd been busy for a while when I suddenly realised PeeWee was being rather quiet. I looked everywhere and called and called but there was no sign of him! I was just getting worried when I heard some soft giggling and then a loud BOO!!!

There you are PeeWee 😂 Time for some lunch I think...
Someone's hungry 😋 

Chinese Takeaway, yum. 

What a fun day with PeeWee. 


  1. He looks like he was able to make the best of his day and have fun. Love the boat photo!

  2. So cute! PeeWee sounds like he has quite an imagination and adventurous spirit.

  3. Now I know who he is! These are such cute dolls. Has he met Madeline at Rose Cottage yet?