Sunday, 25 December 2016

Merry Christmas 🎄

Morning everyone it's present opening time and YES Santa has been 🎅🏻🎅🏻🎅🏻

I'm so excited right now!!! I got a cat for Christmas 😁
She's so soft and cuddly. I'm naming her Pudding xxx

Mum got a big, soft tortoise! He's comfy. 

Yummy Christmas Dinner 🍴 

Christmas Pud 😜

Snowflake Cookies and Milk. 

Friday, 23 December 2016

Moving Lucy

For nearly 3 years now we have had Lucy living in our tree in the front of our house. Mum says she's an experiment!!! Isla de las Munecas.
Well the tree is falling so it needed to be chopped back. This meant Moving Lucy.

This is where Lucy has sat for a long time. 

She's really dirty (poor girl)!

Chopping the tree. Hope Lucy is OK!

Tree Chopped 👍🏻

Back in her tree in a comfier position. 

Lucy xxx

Monday, 19 December 2016

Lego Fun

My Aunty C gave me this cos she knows how much I like building Lego. I asked mum if my friend Asia could come over and help. She said yes! Here I am waiting for Asia to arrive...

Hey Asia, let's make this Lego Christmas tree. 

Asia made the little train in no time at all. She's really good at Lego. 

We're doing well...

Mum brought us cookies and drinks so we took a break and talked for awhile. 

OK, time to finish up. 

YAY!!! We did it 😁

Sunday, 18 December 2016

A Fabulous Day Out Part Two

Mum and I thought we'd share the goodies we bought on our recent trip to London.

Firstly isnt this suitcase wonderful? Just my size and will be very useful for future trips/holidays. I'm loving the artwork. 

My favourite find. Love this London snow globe. I think I've decided that I'm going to try collect snow globes if possible. I'd like a shelf in my house to display them 😊

I also bought my Hermione Pop Vinyl with my own pocket money and we got a lovely nutcracker soldier for our Christmas tree display. 

I'm very happy with my goodies xxx

Saturday, 17 December 2016

A Fabulous Day Out Part One

Mum told me that today we are going on a special outing to London. Here I am leaving the house all ready for my busy day. 
I'm waiting for our train on the station platform. How exciting! I loved the mosaic tiles. 
We got onto the train and I got comfy. It's a lot of stops into London!
First stop was a very smart shop that that sold umbrellas and walking sticks. The shop has been on New Oxford Street since 1851. Wow, that's a very long time. The displays were lovely. 
After that I paid my very first visit to a shop called Forbidden Planet. Mum told me this shop is very popular and it sure was busy. SO many wonderful things to look at. This was a Harry Potter display. Mum and I are reading the first book at the moment and I'm loving it. Hermione is my favourite character. 

Mum, Mum look what I found!!! A Hermione Pop Vinyl just right for me. Can I please have her? I've got enough pocket money 😁

After Forbidden Planet it was time for lunch. A yummy fry up at Frank's Cafe. 
Outside the Cafe was this funny sign...Do I look like him? Heeheee!
Next stop was a Comic/Bookshop. They had a fantastic children's corner. 
Next stop a VERY special toyshop called Hamleys. Wow it's huge!!! I got to play, a lot 👍🏻

Isn't this cool? Mum said he's called a Storm Trooper and from a film called Star Wars. I'll have to watch that one soon. 

Phew! Such an incredibly busy day. Mum had to have a sit down, a coffee and a cake. 

I couldn't keep my eyes open a minute longer. Phew! I had the most amazing day. Thanks Mum x

Thursday, 15 December 2016

Oh My We're Finally Doing It 😁

Mum has been dreaming of creating a house for me for a long time and finally it looks like we are making a start. So super excited to share these WIP photos with you all.

Things are certainly going to be busy round here. We'll keep you updated. 

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Favourite Place Part Three...

I was having so much fun...

What a fabulous time I had. Can we go again soon Mum?

Oh and just before I left I was able to get my ears pierced!!! Yay!!! 
I'm so happy 😁 

Favourite Place Part Two...

While at My Doll Boutique, I took the opportunity to post my Christmas wish list to Santa 🎅🏻

Then Kelly told me about a special room she had set up. "Go and play" she said so of course I did. 

A Christmas Doggie 🐶

Shopping 😁😁😁